Advanced Analytics


Integrated, scalable capabilities for collaborative data visualization and data wrangling, advanced predictive analytics via scorecards and machine learning, and immersive decision strategy design. FinTECH® Analytics Workbench provides an integrated set of state-of-the-art, advanced analytics capabilities to build high-impact business decision solutions. It is a cloud-based advanced analytics solution that is designed for teams of varying skill sets and can be used to tackle a diverse set of high-performance, high-value modeling problems. It puts effective explainable AI (xAI) into practitioners’ hands, with powerful APIs and visuals. Users can quickly build advanced analytics models that can be easily deployed as a service on the FinTECH® Decision Management Suite.

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Artificial Intelligence

The FinTECH Platform leverages of AI experience and is used to operationalize AI and machine learning for fraud, risk, credit and loan optimization, cybersecurity, and many other use cases across industry verticals

Machine Learning

Platform capabilities include analytic notebooks, for advanced data science and machine learning in Python, R, SQL and Scala; access to leading open source machine learning libraries; and utilities such as Spark ML. Machine learning models include gradient boosted trees, random forests, deep learning neural networks, support vector machines, generalized linear models and smart hyper-parameter searches. Additional capabilities include scalable descriptive analytics, model selection and evaluation, NLP, and partial dependency analysis

Analytic Authoring

Experienced business analysts need the ability to improve high-value decisions with sophisticated, predictive models. FinTECH® Analytic Modeler Scorecard Professional provides advanced analytics and an intuitive point-and-click scorecard development tool to help business analysts efficiently adjust for imperfect data, address competing objectives, and develop best-in-class transparent models that align to business expectations, meet regulatory requirements and ease the audit process. Models developed in the solution can be used in the FinTECH® Decision Management Suite to build powerful decision solutions.

Open Source Libraries & Apache Spark

Powered by Spark scalability, the Platform supports top open data science languages and libraries, including Python, R, SQL and Scala, and utilities such as Spark ML

Analytic Lifecycle Management

Manage your ever growing collection of decision assets and analytic models across the entire lifecycle. FinTECH® Decision Central™ minimizes compliance risk by providing a central repository for all decision assets, enforcing approved workflow processes governing decision asset development with documentation and review/approval capture and accurate audit trails. And with automated decision asset performance monitoring, it provides businesses with a central location to manage model risk across the enterprise.

Decision Management

Decision Management helps business develop analytically-powered applications that include data ingestion; analytics (insight or prediction); decision rules (articulating engagement options); workflow; user experience or GUI; service execution; ML/AI for self-learning; and reporting, dashboarding, tracking, simulation, auditing and terms management.


Automation capabilities across the suite of tools.

Applications & Deployment

A collaborative and interactive environment for business and other users to rapidly deploy optimization models as powerful applications

Data Access & Exploration

Connect to and easily access, extract, normalize and ingest data from any source — bureau, data lake, batch, or streaming — or in any form — structured or unstructured. Quickly leverage the best data for whatever challenge or decision you face.

Visual Data Exploration

Data exploration can be ad hoc or structured. Enables users to discover trends and patterns in how customers react to business decisions and product strategies.

The data wrangling user experience leverages the latest techniques in data visualization, machine learning and human-computer interaction to guide users through the process of exploring and preparing data. Interactive exploration presents automated visualizations of data based on its content in the most compelling profile. Predictive transformation converts every click or select within the solution into a prediction — the system intelligently assesses the data at hand to recommend a ranked list of suggested transformations for users to evaluate and edit. Intelligence and context are learned from data registered into the platform and how users interact with it. Common tasks are automated, and users are prompted with suggestions to speed their wrangling. The data wrangling solution can transform the data on-the-fly in the application or compile down to Spark, Google Data Flow or any in-memory engine.


Design and orchestration components needed to develop web-based and mobile-optimized applications.


Automation of all application deployment processes across multiple environments. Can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.


A flexible graphic UI to tailor experiences for users. It uses fast and powerful visual editors and no-code UI widgets.

Third Party API Development

Development of cash flow and valuations using INTEX, TREPP and BLOOMBERG API. Development on third party DB providers like MBS Data, Moody’s, Bloomberg etc. Development of data base by capturing data from various sources and writing loaders.

Technology Support

Support for web-based model development for Trading desk and Risk management. Surveillance and custom reporting. Product reengineering using technology like .NET and Java


Optical Character Recognition to capture data using bleeding edge machine learning models.

Cloud Migration

We have expertise in helping clients migrate to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. The cloud is the future and we make this transition hassle-free.

Google Machine Learning APIs

We have expertise in leveraging Google’s Machine Learning algorithms for projects of our clients.

Deep Learning

We have expertise in using deep learning for return prediction, portfolio construction, trading strategies and predicting corporate bankruptcy.