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Tailored solutions at a fraction of Western world rates


We make your business simpler

We help organizations transform the way they make decisions using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We can even help with data capture and data processing since the quality and quantity of data influences the accuracy of machine learning models.

We deliver machine learning solutions for a wide range of applications including loan and insurance underwriting, credit risk analysis, fraud detection and prevention, portfolio management, style drift analysis, algorithmic trading, news and sentiment analysis etc.


Based on our 13+ years of experience in the IT industry, we can offer project services that cover planning, requirement analysis, architecture, implementation and test, production support and maintenance for complex software projects. We help you chose the right technology, the right development process and an appropriate product life cycle management for your IT needs. Our extensive know how of cloud services and traditional back end systems, middle ware and front end technologies can help you make the right decisions.

We’re focusing on the selection of innovative and appropriate technology for each potential field of use and stay with the project until its operational and the value proposition has been achieved.


We put advanced analytics in the hands of business users.


We help organizations understand how big data analytics can impact business priorities. And we help speed time to value, accelerating cycles from business ideas to operationalized applications — from predictive modeling and optimization to machine learning and explainable AI


FinTECH  works with Governmental and Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) on a variety of contracts that require our range of financial and analytical services. 

The unifying theme of our existing government contracts is our approach to responding to client requests quickly, finding and fixing inconsistencies, and efficiently completing tasks. Our team culture focuses on a positive attitude, pride of workmanship, responsiveness and proactive problem-solving.

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