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Argus Modelling

  • Prepared and successfully delivered Argus DCF models for variety of commercial real estate.
  • Generated various supporting schedules and reports as per the client’s requirement and did customization.
  • The average property value stood at around $5M.


Bond Calculator

  • This web based tool used to do valuations of bonds
  • To create different loss scenarios and calculate bond cash flows using loss scenarios
  • Able to create different valuation report using loss scenario for selected bonds
  • Able to create mark-to-market report for those valuations
  • Able to generate price/yield report for bonds


OSAR – CMBS Surveillance

  • Valuation and Surveillance reporting of CMBS bond
  • Interpretation of CMBS deal database in tabular format on excel
  • Dynamic preparation of presentation through excel VBA
  • Updating and reporting of financials for various properties portfolio (about 2000 properties)
  • Reporting as part of the compliance using required format as per CREFC format

CRE Loan Model

  • Developed a model to derive CRE loan cash flow, based on user assumption for different scenario
  • Generate aggregated loan cash flow for all loans in portfolio
  • Generating stratification reports interpreting loan data on different loan parameters
  • Generate error log for the loan data based on various business logic
  • Capability to combine multiple portfolio models into one model
  • Generate tubular and graphical presentation for multi pager underwriting reports containing capital structure and other details about the loan




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