The entire life cycle of the loan origination process for syndicate debt in CRE, Warehouse Financing for Agency and Non-Agency transactions.

Pre-screening and detailed underwriting of loans for different asset types and asset categories.

Real Estate Investment Trust & Valuation

REIT Structuring, Capital Structuring, and Risk Mapping for FNMA, FRE, FHA, VA, USDA, VA, and Non-Agency loans origination.

Loan Servicing & Asset Management

Primary & special loan servicing for different asset categories, developing analytics for strategic decision-making relating to capital structure, and risk analysis for equity tranche.

Credit model development for underlying asset classes of RMBS, and CMBS, etc with the deterministic and predictive approach.

Cash flow Modeling and Structuring ABS Deals

Waterfall cashflow modeling and structuring of ABS deals for both agency and non-agency transactions.

Equity valuation and risk strategy at different risk levels to support the trading desks.


Data Validation, and big data analytics for trustee-reported financial data esp. for the CMBS universe.

MTM analysis, Intrinsic valuation for RMBS, CMBS, CDO, CRE-CDO/CLO, and student loans.

Due diligence service for Asset and Liabilities in the securitization process

Econometric analysis of the markets and sector-specific analysi

Loan pricing system and valuations for CRE through our legacy index using NOI & Cap rate projection, for all asset categories

Developing cutting-edge technology to facilitate faster and more reliable transactions for all market participants

Qualitative and quantitative research on industries and companies


Gap Analysis, UCITS Regulatory Compliance

Legal Framework review and lease abstract analysis

AFMID compliance standards implementation, PF testing like CCAR and Dodd Frank

Banking Solutions – From Legacy To New Age Tech

Banking Services & Solutions

Regulatory Compliances – Addressing the Challenges

  • Maintaining capital adequacy & reserves
  • Preventing Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing
  • Banks’ resilience to multiple macroeconomic & scenarios and market shocks
  • Reducing non-performing assets, while simultaneously ensuring priority lending as per government policy
  • Preserving Foreign Exchange Reserves under the regulatory framework
  • Ensuring regulated and secure transactions for individuals, institutions, and banks in the internet space for digital transactions

Case Studies

We built an integrated web based Commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) credit model and valuation platform for one of the largest financial institution based out of US. The universe was the entire US CMBS to facilitate the commercial real estate investors in pricing, risk management and surveillance of the portfolios.

This project was carried for equity portfolio across different asset classes using different data source. Subsequently, we design a strategy for buy/sale for the trading desk.

This project was carried for pension funds backed by Home equity loans / Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS) and Asset Backed Securities (ABS) Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) backed bonds for Sovereign clients & Insurance company.

This project was to build web based application for research & analytics for all new issued ABS transactions traded in the secondary market.

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