About Us

Commercial real estate asset management product

  • Loan Tracking & Process Flow Management
  • Due Diligence & Underwriting
  • Asset Management
  • Excel Plug-in
  • Reporting
  • Advance Security Features

Our solution covers the whole process of loan tracking and associated process flow. It maximizes efficiency and offers data integrity and transparency with real-time notification to users of the data.


It covers the entire lending process from start to finish. The in-built Artificial Intelligence module makes lending easier and more efficient.


It covers tracking key financial data, creating tickers for covenants, and managing exit plans for all property types.


It facilitates plug-in with the excel underwriting tool, thereby allowing one to work on excel and simultaneously sync with the system.


Dynamic & Customized Asset summary reporting, Credit Memos, and Ad hoc reporting drilled into loan & property level in any format like PDF, CSV, XML, etc.


Access management, Secure Document Storage, Advance Encryption Algorithms, SSL Integration, Web Application Firewall

Pipeline Management System

The option serves a proprietary web-based Pipeline Management System from scratch without using a third-party UW system.

The client’s existing excel-based UW tool can be integrated into the web-based platform with value-added features, including a pipeline management system.

It can incorporate artificial intelligence into each process, right from the process of loan proposals to that of final reporting.

It can generate dynamic and ad-hoc reporting that can be customized for and by the users.

It gives the ability to analyze and manage the CRE portfolio on a single platform with maximum transparency and efficiency.

There are value-added, built-in features for using AI and for the auto-generation of market segment facts.

It is a role-based security access engine with significantly enhanced embedded security features.