case study


Loan, Deal and other data aggregation platform to have central repository for application uses where data feeds coming from different sources.

  • Deep dive of the client’s existing model to understand the methodology which was built by the client and discontinued long ago.
  • Had to come up with a skeleton first to identify all Inputs, Processes and Outputs to make all the inputs at centralized place.
  • Had to modify the model keeping scalability in mind for a longer run.
  • Making it more user friendly and efficiently was the another challenge as there were multiple reports and data points attached to it.
  • Enhancing the model based on various cases which we worked with client together to come up with a methodology and solutions.
  • Model had to go through with tons of business logics, data validations, checks for balances etc before processing.

Our Approach, Findings and Solutions

  • We found multiple errors and inconsistencies in the existing processes which we reported and closely worked with client before changing.
  • Worked closely with the client to come up with the methodology based on various cases and anomalies.
  • Built a generic model which is efficient enough to handle complex structures in a one go.
  • We centralized all the inputs at one place so that its always easy for the user to learn the application of the model especially in the case of multiple users.
  • Error reporting of the cases, if system finds any anomalies and describing the reason for such anomalies around the data or checks and balances built in the model.
  • Training to multiple users of this model and gathering the feedback to make sure that model is in use in day to day activities.

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